EKCFCCA is not a place to watch from the sidelines.

We’re participants, not observers. After all, our calling is to generously care for
children in our homes. To serve our families with both our talent and time.

We’re comprised of volunteers, from planning to setting up our events and
everything in between. Each of us has been blessed with gifts. We want you to be
involved, use those gifts and experience the joy of serving with fellow providers.
There is power and strength in numbers. Not to mention a lot of fun working along
side fellow providers.

Want to get off the sidelines? There is a spot for you to serve! Few things bring
greater joy than using your gifts and talents to serve. Take a look at the list below
and see where you fit on our team.

Welcome people to our meetings. Greet them at the door and sign them in.
Help set up our pot luck before the monthly meetings.
    Crystal Thorpe  (425) 822-5683
    Carolyn Reynolds  (425) 409-4680

Conference Committee
March Event…. Help where needed the day of the event.
    Carol Gibbs (425) 453-5657
    Carolyn Reynolds  (425) 409-4680

Tour of Homes
Our most popular event!
Help where needed during our Tour of Homes Event
    Wendy Avery (206) 898-0999